This portable, retractable BANNERSTAND was produced for Telephone Pole Music to be used at NERFA, (the annual Northeast Region Folk Alliance conference) and represented a syndicate of singer -songwriters... perhaps you recognize these characters?

(An economical promotional item available at competitive prices, please inquire.)
BUSINESS CARDS for Alison Lee Freeman’s "umbrella" business, through which she conducts her performance and workshops.
PROMOTIONAL GIG POSTER Promoting gigs by mailing color photocopies or commercially printed posters to agents and managers of venues is a necessity. This poster was designed economically and produced in small batches as necessary at copy shops. Photograph by Ann Sherman.

Bob Franke the renowned singer-songwriter uses this most recent promotional device to "get the word out" when he tours. Photograph by Ann Sherman

PROMOTIONAL POSTER Produced for the band's CD release party. Small quantities printed at a local copy shop were sufficient and economical for the purposes of their gig. Photography by Michael Maloney. Photo composition by Mel Green

CD COVER for The Maple Street Project, a folk-rock band. Nothing was altered in the photograph except for the addition of new lettering and changing the color of the lavender sign.

EVOLUTION OF A LOGO The unusual photograph of street signs on the border of the band's hometown inspired the band's new logo, adapted from the photograph above.

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MUSIC PROMOTION  CD Packaging  Album Covers   Graphic Design Web Design Logos Displays Packaging  Illustration  Fine Art About  Home 

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LOGO for Telephone Pole Music, a music promotion and management company, the logo is also used for it's DYI labeL.
LOGO for the Maple Street Project DYI label... a natural solution, as the band rehearses on most Tuesday evening.
LOGO for Miller, Laxton, Green Limited Editions, an international DYI labeL.

Posters, Promotional Folders, Stickers, Bannerstands, Coasters, Postcards and much more. Consider. The 21st century has so far proved to be a very different time for most singers and entertainers to do business... this seems to apply especially to independent musicians... which is why the importance of self-promotion has become crucial for their survival in an extremely competitive and crowded field.

Having been a professional musician myself, I understand this and can provide solutions that work for each individual need... an integrated approach to publishing and record company logos, Poster design, Promotional Folders aimed at getting gigs, Trade show and Publicity items (brochures, business cards, bannerstands, giveaways, stickers, coasters & more) all designed to fit your budget. Merch items are also available at very competitive prices.

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PROMOTIONAL FOLDER A 9" x12"  4-color folder was produced for Carolyn Waters, a blues singer from the Boston area... it contains stepped inserts with all the pertinent information that a booker might require in order to hire here. Click on this link to see what's inside.
GAIL RUNDLETT Pages from the folk singer's publicity package. Unusual for the care taken to present an attractive image as well as comprehensive information made available to potential bookers.
FUNDRAISING CALENDAR  Designed as a fund raiser in 2002 for WUMB-FM, Boston's 24-7 folk-acoustic FM radio station... which sponsored this annual folk festival on the campus of University of Massachusetts, Boston. To see various monthly spreads click here.
GUITAR CASE STICKER Illustrated, printed for distribution at the Summer Acoustic Music Week(s), an adult camp for folk music devotees, which takes place for a week in July and August, and is sponsored by WUMB, the only 24-7 folk music radio station in the USA.
Debra Cowan is a folk singer with international ties... this insert card was commissioned by her record company to promote her latest CD.
PROMOTIONAL COASTERS The photograph has become the band's logo and is used here on for The Maple Street Project... which were produced for the band's latest CD release party. The band often plays in bars and so, these devices have proved to be a perfect promotional item.(Economical promotional items are available to you at competitive prices, please inquire.)
WOODY WANNABE? Don't we all! Perhaps you'd like a different approach to a CD cover treatment, or maybe just an unusual portrait you can use in various ways to promote your music. Watercolors are my forte, and commissions are welcomed!