POINT-OF-SALE SOLUTIONS: A close visual relationship between the packaging of a product line and point-of-sale devices
should be maintained for better product identification on crowded shelves.

TOTES Die-cut Hanger... an attention getter attached to the sides of store shelving.
TOTES An Endcap Poster attracts attention to aisles where this branded line of footwear can be found.
TOTES Freestanding island display contains entire line of footwear and is highly visible.
SELF SUPPORTING DISPLAY Working for a small Bangor, Maine ad agency, Dunn, Theobald & Johnson, was an opportunity to work on accounts for manufacturers and distributors of all sorts of equipment. This display is supported by an actual chain saw and back easels with a pocket for literature.

WRANGLER This line of jeans is very well known globally, so when licensing of the brand began, a natural cross-marketing extension of the brand was in footwear... in this case a line of work boots and shoes.

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SELF SUPPORTING DISPLAY Working in a small Maine agency was a good opportunity to learn about practicalities of a small marketplace for a product which up till that point had not made it onto shelves beyond the state line. These displays were silk-screened, with hand-tipped paint samples, and finished by hand before being distributed out of the trunks of the salesmen's cars.
DUST MASK PACKAGE Sometimes a package has to serve as it's own point-of-sale device. This was designed to be highly visible on crowded store shelves.