Working closely with varied clientele over the years had brought interesting opportunities to design and produce packaging for many kinds of products... most recently with a shoe manufacturer and distributor which licensed lines such as Dickies, Spalding and other brand names... this also brought opportunities to work with other licensees and their apparel products.
BILL BLASS A shoe box for this name brand was designed to stand out in a crowded mid-market department store, by virtue of its simple design, it did just that.

SPALDING Tagging a line of women's sports underwear, which was displayed on hangers, was a way to show the apparel in action. The backs of the tags displayed effective line drawings and simple washing instructions.

JAKE Packaging for a brand of men's underwear. A variety of styles, and competition for display space in department stores, required a design solution that would work in crowded and visually confusing displays.

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PACKAGING Point of Sale  Graphic Design  Web Design Ads Logos Illustration   CD Design Music Promotion  Fine Art  About  Home 
KURZWEIL MUSIC My first studio happened to be very close to the headquarters of Kurzweil Music, and I soon managed to get my foot in the door. One of my first projects was to design the graphics for this binder and the contents, Click here to see more.
PRODUCT PACKAGING Supermarkets and their customers seem to be enthralled by products form other lands... in this case the spaghetti was packaged and sourced in Italy, by a Boston based supplier and branded with an Italianized brand name.
WRANGLER BOOT BOX & TAG This brand name is known world-wide, and so it was decided that to maximize the tie-in with their jeans, the footwear line would show jeans on the box and tag. Another subliminal visual feature was using a warm yellow in the graphics, which resembled the stitching in their clothing.
DICKIE'S Packaging for this well-known brand presented a challenge... to prioritize consumer recognition and instant shelf visibility. In a crowded marketplace, the need for easily readable labeling and tagging was also one of the solutions required for the line. This solution was a success, and recognition of the brand was reinforced.
SPALDING A simple packaging solution for socks which were displayed on hooks in a crowded department store environment. A simple, colorful and effective branding solution helped the brand and the line stand out from its competitors.
FOOD PACKAGING This package was designed as part of a proposal to obtain work from this innovative fish processing plant in Gloucester, MA.